Selected Links

Here is a list of useful links on the Internet, hopping that it will facilitate your everyday tasks. More links will be added here in the future.

The website of the Foundation for Research and Technology, legally responsible body for managing internet names ending in gr. Hereby you will find information regarding current policy allocation of these names, but you can also check the availability of a name that might interest you.

Network Solutions
Company through which you can reserve and use a domain name with the suffix. Com,. Edu,. Org., Net., Biz., Ws., Info., Cc. etc. Visit to check the availability of a domain of interest.

Windows Update
The website through which Microsoft provides the Windows updates and important applications such as Internet Explorer. Any negligence making regular use of this website (at least monthly), will result to a non-shielding your computer from any web external threats and non-full utilization of the capabilities of Windows.

The Universal Currency Converter
The global currency convertor, the most popular currency conversion tool, allows you to do calculations in currency rates on the internet, using the current real time rates of currencies.

Measuring Units Conversion Tables
Measuring Units Conversion. In this site there are conversion tables, to / from Metric, English & American measurement system.

World Weather Forecasts
Global weather forecasts.

World Time
World time. World time server, provides the most accurate current time anywhere on the planet. Makes adjustments in real time. At any time zone and any country or city of your choice, this site is the best source to find out the local time.

Information about web marketing (internet marketing), Search Engine Optimization SEO, Search Engine Marketing SEM, Content Management System CMS, Content Management Systems Web site (web sites). Web site management autonomy.

Information Society
Site Index for the Information Society. Visitors can find statistics, European programs, referrals and dialogue forums.

Stock Exchange
The official site of the ASE. Information, announcements, newsletters, information on the daily meeting and listed companies (and via e-mail), information on new markets and references to international markets.

European Union
Website – entrance for anything related to the EU, contents mainly in Greek. Relatively difficult to navigate with extended information volume.

On Line Dictionary for technological issues and the internet

All zip codes in Greece.

• Circulation
Athens Metro: www.ametro.gr
OASA: www.oasa.gr
ISAP: www.isap.gr
Bus: www.ktel.org

Addresses (www.driveme.gr)
On this site you can see the address you are looking at Athens, Thessaloniki & Heraklion.

International Exhibitions Guide
Updated page with all scheduled international exhibitions